Odds Boost Bonus – a Profitable Bet

If you have even a little bit of experience betting on sports, you know that a key component of a successful strategy is getting the best odds. The concept is simple. If you get the best odds, you stand to win more money. That’s where odds boost bonuses come into play. Taking advantage of these gems can go a long way in boosting your bottom line. If you are interested in winning more money, then you’ve come to the right place.

Canadian Bookmakers with Odds Boost

Comparing odds at different sportsbooks might be time-consuming, but Canadians who are serious about getting the best value out of their wagers understand the importance of doing it. Even though the discrepancies in the odds usually aren’t too significant, they still have a noticeable impact on the bottom line. In the list below, you’ll find all the bookmakers that offer odds boost bonuses to Canadians.

$200 Bonus

$200 Bonus

€200 Bonus

$100 Bonus

$100 Bonus

What is Odds Boost? How does it Work?

An odds boost is just what you think it is. It is when a bookmaker adjusts the odds in your favor which means you’ll win more money if you win your bet. Let’s say you want to bet on the Winnipeg Blue Bombers to beat the -3 spread against the Toronto Argonauts and the posted odds are -110. If you bet $100, you are looking at a $190.91 payout, or a profit of $90.91. Now, let’s say you make that same bet, except the odds are -105. Now you are looking at a profit of $95.24. That’s an extra $4.33.

Bookmakers often offer odds boosts on selected games. Some do this every day. These offers essentially do the same thing as the example above in that they give you an opportunity to make more money if your bet wins. Instead of your bookmaker giving you the Blue Bombers -3 at -110, they offer odds boost which gives you a price of -105 or even less. Many bookmakers would probably give it to you at even money. If that was the case, you’d make a $100 profit instead of a $90 profit if your $100 bet won.

For someone who bets a couple of bucks on a game, the extra profits aren’t so noticeable. For instance, a winning $5 bet at -110 nets you a profit of $4.55 while the profit would be $5 at even money using odds boost. That adds up to $0.45 in extra winnings. However, for a bigger bettor who plunks down $1,000 on the same wager, the difference is alarming.

Without the odds boost bonus, the potential profit is $909.09. When the odds boost is applied making the odds even, the potential profit becomes $1,000. That’s over $90 worth of extra cash, and it all thanks to odds boost.

As mentioned, odds boosts are typically offered on specific games. The percentage of the increased odds, maximum win amount, and the qualifying requirements will vary from bookmaker to bookmaker. One popular online bookie offers Canadian bettors one odds boost wager per day. You login and then click on the Odds Boost menu which then shows you all the games on offer.

You make your selection and then enter your wager amount on the bet slip. You then click on the Odds Boost icon on the bet slip and you’re ready to go. The odds and potential win amount are automatically adjusted on the bet slip. It’s worth noting that some odds boost bonus offers require you to opt-in or use a bonus code.

Some bookmakers simply credit your extra winnings to your regular betting account free and clear of any restrictions. However, many credit the extra cash as bonus money in your bonus account. If this is the case, you will need to satisfy the bonus terms and conditions which normally require you to wager through the bonus amount a certain number of times before you can withdraw those funds. Be sure to read the Odds Boost bonus terms and conditions at your sportsbook to learn all the details.



Getting the best odds is one of the most important facets of any successful betting strategy. A great ongoing odds boost offer virtually eliminates the need to shop around for better odds. This saves a lot of time that you can then dedicate to research and handicapping.

In the long run, Canadians can get far more value from ongoing odds boost bonuses than they can from almost any welcome bonus. They alone can easily turn a losing sports bettor into a profitable one. If making money is your goal, make sure your bookie regularly offers odds boost. You’ll be glad you did.