Sports Betting in Canada: The Best Bookmakers and Most Popular Sports

Sports and betting go together like pancakes and maple syrup. It’s not as if watching sports isn’t exhilarating enough on its own. It’s just that the excitement gets amped up exponentially when you have a few dollars riding on the outcome. Canadians have it pretty good when it comes to sports betting. They have access to countless reputable international online bookmakers. Even some of the provincial governments have entered the bookmaking business.

As such, Canadians can wager on a full spectrum of betting markets 24 hours a day. It also means that they have the luxury of shopping around for the best odds and they can take advantage of countless bonuses. If you like betting on sports, then you’ve come to the right place. We will help you find the best bookmakers with the best odds, bonuses and special features.

Popular Sports in Canada

Canadian is a diverse nation and residents enjoy a range of sports. Many anxiously await certain times of the year when their favorite sport commences a new season. The spring means the start of a new baseball season while the summer brings the beginning of a new CFL schedule. The fall is a particularly welcome time of year as hockey, basketball, and American football gets underway and takes fans through the cold winter months. In the list below, you will find the best and most popular sports in Canada that bookmakers offer odds on.

Bookmakers with the most Sports in Canada

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Sports Betting Options for Canadians

Sports bettors didn’t have a lot of options before the internet revolution. Even if they had an illegal bookie they were comfortable using, they were mostly limited to betting on moneylines, spreads, and totals. Bookmakers of the day most certainly didn’t offer 100 different betting options on a single game. How things have changed.

You might be the biggest fan of a certain team, but even some of the staunchest supporters don’t want to bet on their team if that team is a cellar dweller. This is what makes sports betting in the modern age so great. You aren’t limited to just betting on your team to win. The best bookmakers for Canadians serve up an all-you-can-eat buffet of betting options. You can place bets on a wide range of things such as various team, game, and player props. Your team might lose, but you can still win without compromising your status as a die-hard fan.

For example, you can wager on your team to score a certain number of points. You can bet on whether a match will go into overtime, or you could wager on your favorite hockey player to score a goal. These types of bets take the game’s winner and loser out of the equation. Instead of betting on your beloved Winnipeg Blue Bombers to win, you could simply wager that the game would produce, for example, four or more field goals.

Because Canadians and the Canadian dollar are welcome at so many great online sportsbooks, they have access to a staggering number of betting options. They can find the right bet and then shop around for the most favorable odds. As long as you choose a reputable sportsbook such as the ones you’ll find on this site, you can be confident that you’ll be treated fairly and paid out in a timely manner.

Popular Sports to Bet on in Canada

Here is a list of some of the most popular sports to bet on in Canada and the types of betting options you can choose.


Better known as soccer in Canada, football is the most popular sport on the planet. It is played at the professional level in the majority of countries. Around 250 million people play the sports in over 200 countries. In addition to the massive number of leagues, there are approximately 190-200 national teams that compete in various competitions such as the Olympics and the FIFA World Cup. While Europe is home to the most prestigious leagues like the EPL, La Liga, Bundesliga, and Serie A, there are loads of other professional leagues that have huge followings.

When you click on the “Football” or “Soccer” heading at a top sportsbook, you usually have dozens of leagues to choose from. Each game presents you with a plethora of betting options. On top of the standard sides and totals, you can wager on winning margins, exact scores, and alternative spreads. There are also several wagers that are specific to soccer such as the number of corner kicks, yellow cards, or red cards. Many online bookmakers offer great football promotions that can help you make your sports betting experience more profitable.


Basketball was first played in 1891 and is the brainchild of a Canadian by the name of James Naismith who taught physical education at the International YMCA Training School in Springfield, Massachusetts. After he came with the idea, he introduced the sport to his class on a rainy day. Teams played with a soccer ball which they attempted to toss into a peach basket. As the rules were refined, the sport quickly caught on and was a staple at schools across the United States.

The National Basketball League became the first professional league when it was formed in 1898. The sport has become wildly successful and professional basketball leagues operate in many regions throughout the world. Aside from the NBA and collegiate basketball, leagues in Russia, Australia, the Philippines, and many other countries have built solid fan bases and attract a lot of bets.

In addition to wagering on moneylines, spread, and totals, basketball bettors can wager on alternative spreads and totals, exact scores, winning margins, and much more. Some of the more common player props include total points, rebounds, fouls, and free throws made. If it can happen in a basketball game, the best sports betting sites offer odds on it.


It is believed that the first tennis match was played in Birmingham, England somewhere between 1859 and 1865. However, many historians believe that the sport’s origins can be traced all the way back to the 12th century. Regardless of where and when tennis started, it is one of the most popular sports on the planet. Millions of fans tune in to watch men and women compete in several high-profile events throughout the year. Over the years, Canadians have rallied behind home-grown stars such as Mary Pierce, Vasek Pospisil, Carling Bassett, and these days, Eugenie Bouchard.

Every major tennis tournament keeps bookmakers hopping as they offer up a huge selection of betting options. A lot of Canadians like to bet on outright tournament winners because the potential payouts can be very good. Other possibilities include betting on the winner of a particular set, how many sets a match will produce, or how many aces a player will record during a set or match. You can place handicap and alternative spreads bets too among other things. Again, if there’s a chance a certain occurrence can happen during a match, there’s a good chance you can get odds on it.


Few would argue that hockey is the King of Sports in Canada. While the game’s roots can be traced back thousands of years, the modern version of hockey was being played on outdoor rinks in the 1800s. The first organized indoor ice hockey game took place in Montreal in 1875. You may not know this, but the Stanley Cup is the oldest existing trophy in North American professional sports.

It was first awarded in 1893. Of course, that was nearly a quarter century before the NHL came into existence. Speaking of the NHL, the league launched in 1917 and it has evolved into the most prestigious hockey league on the planet.

However, the NHL isn’t the only hockey league that garners a lot of interest. There are dozens of other professional leagues operating in many regions. The KHL, DEL, NLA, and SHL are just a few of the many European professional leagues. In Canada and the rest of North America, many fans are drawn to the AHL, WHL, OHL, and other junior leagues that feature hockey’s future stars. It is also popular at the collegiate level in Canada and the United States.


Many people have enjoyed playing video games since technology facilitated their invention. As technology has boomed, so have video games. This has spawned a whole new industry that is giving many traditional sports a run for the money. It’s hard to imagine that millions of people all over the world now watch their favorite professional video gamers play. Yet, they do. It has gotten to the point that state-of-the-art eSports arenas are popping up in several countries. Some eSports events attract larger audiences than the Super Bowl. While sports betting were initially reluctant to offer odds on eSports, games like League of Legends, Call of Duty, CS:GO, and Fortnite are standard features at sports betting sites.

Like traditional sports, individual eSports offer different betting opportunities. Also like traditional sports, bookmakers give eSports bettors great odds and as many betting options as possible. Many online sportsbooks even offer eSports bonuses and promotions. This has created a whole new market for bookmakers and their bottom lines are a lot healthier because of it.


The exact origins of golf are unclear, but many historians agree that the modern version of the game originated in Scotland during the 15th century. The general idea of golf is pretty straightforward in that you only need to hit a ball into a cup. However, this is much easier said than done. Hit the links for yourself and you’ll quickly discover how challenging and frustrating this sport can be.

Golf is immensely popular in Canada and almost everywhere else. Bookmakers especially love golf because it generates so much betting action. It seems as if professional golf tournaments are always going on which allows sports betting enthusiasts to wager on it throughout the year. You can bet on individual or teams to win a round or an entire tournament.

You can bet on their scores, how many birdies they sink, or the longest drive. Several sportsbooks run regular promotions that are aimed at golf fans. Some of these promotions involve things like odds boosts, free bets, and acca insurance. Because a round of golf can take so long to play, those who bet on golf have plenty of in-play betting options to choose from.

American Football

The American version of professional football dates back to the 1880s. However, the first major professional league didn’t come into existence until 1920 when the American Professional Football Association was formed. This league would later become the NFL. While the Canadian Football league launched in 1958, competitive football in Canada was happening in the early 1900s.

Be it the NFL, CFL, NCAA, or other leagues like the defunct AAF and XFL, football generates a ton of sports betting action. Some of the more attractive wagering options include spreads, alternative spreads, game and team totals, winning margins, and even if the final combined score will be an odd or even number. You can wager the over/under on the number of pass attempts or completions a quarterback will make or the number of passing yards they rack up.

Receiving yards, receptions, touchdowns, rushes, and rushing yards are just a few of the many other propositions you’ll find. One of the most popular bets among football enthusiasts are called teasers. These are basically parlay bets in which bookies allow you to adjust the spreads and game totals.

Top Bookmakers for Canadians

As mentioned, Canadians have a seemingly endless number of bookmakers at their disposal. Here are a few of them.


Betway was created by a group sports betting enthusiasts in 2006. Their mission was to give bettors the best odds and the most possible betting options. The site offers a great welcome bonus and more than enough regular promotions to keep even the fussiest sports betting aficionado satisfied. While the site’s list of restricted countries is quite long, Canadians and the Canadian dollar are welcome. With Betway being licensed in several jurisdictions including Malta and the United Kingdom, Canadian bettors can be confident that they will be treated fairly and promptly paid.

Betway offers competitive odds on a huge selection of sports and eSports. You’ll find odds for everything ranging from popular North American sports like hockey, basketball, and Formula 1, to more obscure sports like bandy, darts, and snooker.


Are you looking for the best odds on American football, baseball, or soccer? Perhaps you like to bet on table tennis, volleyball, motocross? No matter what your sports betting preferences are, LeoVegas has you covered. The site launched in 2012 and it has quickly established itself as an excellent bookmaker that offers fast payouts and high limits which should please any high rollers out there.

Of course, the site gladly accepts Canadians and it even offers a nice welcome bonus and plenty of ongoing promotions. LeoVegas is licensed in multiple jurisdictions including Malta, the UK, and several other highly respected European licensing authorities.

LeoVegas covers almost any sport you can think of. Canadians will have no troubles finding a secure payment method and the site offers a number of features such as helpful tutorials and sports betting filters.


Having been established in 1994, Bodog was one of the very first online bookmakers to launch. One reason for this sportsbook’s success is its ability to stay ahead of the curve. While the site incorporates a great online casino and a poker room, it is best known for offering a full serving of sports betting options. Licensed in Antigua, the site is also respected because offers fast payouts and innovative promotions. Bodog has a lot of helpful features including a variety of betting guides that teach beginners the basics of sports betting.

In addition to offering competitive odds on dozens of sports and hundreds of leagues, Bodog covers eSports and other events including entertainment. Being a forward-thinking bookmaker, Bodog accepts a wide range of payment methods including Bitcoin. Don’t forget to check out the daily specials.


Bet365 is among the most recognizable and trusted brands in the sports betting business. The company started in a small office back in 2000 and has since grown into an outfit that handles over $3 billion in wagers every year. Bet365 is licensed in Gibraltar and headquartered in England although it has offices in several countries. Those who are following the emerging legal sports betting market in the United States might be familiar with how the company is expanding there.

Bet365’s success is no accident. Great bonuses and promotions, competitive odds, high limits, and a comprehensive list of sports on offer make Bet365 a preferred destination for bettors who expect the best. Bet365 even boasts a live streaming feature that greatly enhances any live betting experience. Canadians can be sure that they will get the very best out of their sports betting adventure at Bet365.

Sports Interaction

Canadians who prefer to keep their betting dollars inside the nation’s borders will love what Sports Interaction has to offer. The site, which is Canadian-based and licensed by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission, has been around for over 20 years and its reputation as a top international sportsbook is well-earned. Sports Interaction covers an impressive list of sports and leagues from all over the world including an incredible amount of horse racing. There’s even something for those who like to wager on politics, entertainment, eSports, and virtual sports.

Canadians can choose from loads of easy and secure payment options including Instadebit and Interac. They should be more than happy with Sports Interaction’s payout times too as well as a generous welcome bonus. If you have a bit of time before the game starts, you can always play a few hands of poker in Sports Interaction’s poker room, or immerse yourself in your favorite casino or live casino games. You’ll never get bored at Sports Interaction.


One of the things you may notice when you first go to Pinnacle is that the site does not offer a welcome bonus. Do not let that fool you into thinking the site is sub-par in any way. In fact, Pinnacle is hands-down one of the very best bookmakers on Earth. Pinnacle was established in 1998 and it possesses licenses from Curacao and Malta.

So, why doesn’t Pinnacle offer a welcome bonus? Simply put, they don’t need to. The site relies on its excellent reputation, special features, and the fact that it has among the lowest odds margins in the industry. It is also famous for having high betting limits. Perhaps one aspect that makes Pinnacle stand out from the rest of the pack is that they openly welcome arbitrage bettors. This is something that most bookmakers will ban you for doing.

Canadians have a nice selection of payment options at their disposal including Skrill, Neteller, and even Bitcoin. Pinnacle does an admirable job by offering dozens of sports betting markets. They are especially great in respect to soccer and American football. Of course, you won’t find better odds or more choices when it comes to wagering on hockey.



Canadians love sports betting and they are fortunate to have so many wonderful bookmakers and sportsbook bonuses available to them. Just remember that you should always think of sports betting as a form of entertainment. Stay within your limits and know when to take a break. It’s quite easy to get caught up in it, and that can have negative consequences. Also, make sure to check our list of bookmakers so that you choose only the best and most reputable bookmakers around. You’ll surely find some valuable bonuses in these pages too.